Students at Long Field Spencer Academy have the right to receive:
  • A stable programme of careers education which helps to develop skills and knowledge to make choices and the transition to work and learning easier and accessible
  • Clear and professional impartial advice and information about all of the options available, so that they understand what they involve
  • Support and guidance to help make choices and devise a career plan for the future
  • Experience of a wide range of career pathways and information from a diverse range of employers and institutions
  • Guidance for the self-assessment of their skill set and experience of self-reflection related to the world of work
  • Help to decide the most appropriate choice for post 16 transition, including further learning, training or employment
  • An opportunity to learn about the world of work

Our Careers Lead is Mr. S Fretwell

Copies of the school Careers policy are available here. These are reviewed annually.

Copies of the Provider access statement are available here. These are reviewed annually.


Careers Talks

Students have the chance to hear from a speaker from the world of work on a weekly basis.  Students sign up to be included and attend the session during House Time every Friday.  Careers talks involve a range of different career disciplines including: Palaeontology, Law (Solicitor), Mechanical Engineering (Rolls Royce), Civil Engineering, Coastal Engineering, Law Enforcement (Police Officer), Arts and Media (artist, musician, sound engineer, journalist, singer, influencer, Radio DJs) Sports and Leisure (Sports Management, Coach, Leicester City Football Club).  Armed Forces (Army Workshops, RAF Pilot) Science and Medicine (biological analyst, doctor, nurse) Animal Care (Vet) Environmental Science

Post 16 Evening

This is a well-attended event by employers, colleges and students.  The following educational institutions and employers have attended on previous evenings:

  • Wyggeston Queen Elizabeth I College
  • SMB College Group
  • MV16
  • Grantham College
  • Loughborough College
  • Coventry University
  • Harrington School
  • Armed Forces Army and RAF
  • Ragdale Hall
  • Police
  • Leicestershire Education Business Company LEBC
  • Fire Brigade
  • The Rapscallion Cage Performing Arts College
  • Leicester College
  • Mars
Year 11 Interviews

All Year 11 students have the experience of a professional careers interview with a careers advisor throughout October. This involves questions about their future plans and pathways.  Leicestershire Education Business Company LEBC then provides us with feedback from each interview which we use to ensure that all students have a college place or other suitable provision after school and can be given the appropriate guidance for their chosen pathway.

Year 10 Enrichment Day Careers

The Year 10 students take part in a rolling carousel of careers activities for their Enrichment day.  This involves an interview with a careers advisor, a CV workshop, a skills self -assessment workshop and an interactive session about how to get the most out of our careers platform Unifrog. Student feedback from the day is overwhelmingly positive and many students claim that they now feel more confident talking about their careers, were aware of the importance of their grades and feel motivated to research and visit colleges.  Some often require further help with CV writing and advice about the grades required to attend certain courses after their interviews.

Barclays Life Skills

This involves four sessions throughout the Spring and Summer terms for all of our Year 7 students and will begin in January 2023.  Each session has a range of interactive activities that focus on skills-based tasks such as teamwork and leadership delivered buy industry professionals from the financial sector.  The focus for these sessions is for students to demonstrate and learn skills that students can use in school and prepare them for the world of work.  Students use their communication, analytical and problem-solving skills, working in teams to complete a range of engaging activities.

Armed Forces

The Royal Logistics Corp (RLC) deliver two interactive and practical sessions: The first session in the Winter Term focuses on the engineering opportunities offered by the Army and then a practical session where students build a rocket car. Session two in the Spring Term explores the potential benefits of Virtual Reality as students attempt to make a ‘virtual‘ cake.


Each week the top user for Unifrog is awarded a Fredo as a reward and has the chance to be photographed with our cuddly Unifrog. We also now have a Unifrog costume, worn by one of our students, to help promote Unifrog as the essential online platform when exploring future aspirations.  The majority of Year 10s have a focused workshop during the Enrichment day program, focusing on completing three self-assessments.  These are the Interests Profile, Personality Profile and Work Environments Profile which help students to access the platform more effectively.  There is also a psychometric test which is soon to be added to the platform. It remains a popular platform with students who use it regularly.

Year 7 Wall of Dreams

Students are photographed holding a piece of paper featuring their chosen career.  These photos are then printed and displayed around the walls of the school.  This allows the students to aspire to achieve their chosen career.  It also allows students as they progress through the school to reflect on why they chose that career and if they remain interested in this profession.

Careers Playmobil Notice Board

The Playmobil notice board is updated weekly so students and staff are aware of the forthcoming careers talk.

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