Religious Studies

Curriculum Intent

All students will have religious studies for one lesson per week at key stage 3.  Students will study the key beliefs and practices of the main world religions.  They will develop and array of language skills that allow them to format an argument in a persuasive manor, as well as using religious teachings and texts to support their ideas further. Students will also study these ideas thematically, which allows them to apply religious teachings to key philosophical and ethical issues in the modern world, allowing them to think critically and empathically about wider issues.   This will also give them a wider understanding of the world around them as well as the differences in rituals and beliefs that exist within different cultures.  We want our students to be confident and articulate in the art of debate and reasoning.  Our curriculum aims to engage students on to a five-year spiralling continuation in their learning journeys, of both knowledge and understanding of religion, culture and worldwide issues, and is compliant with the Leicestershire syllabus.

  • To access a detailed overview of the RS Curriculum from Year 7 to 11 (and beyond) please click here.


At Key Stage 3 we use Personalised Learning Checklists. Please find below links to each year group:


At Key Stage 4 you will find the link below to the GCSE specification for our RS Qualifications: