Our House system aims to develop community spirit amongst our students and staff, build tradition and raise standards. We have 4 Houses, Titan, Phoenix, Pegasus and Leo, named after star constellations, with students from all year groups in each House known as vertical tutoring. All members of staff are associated with a House and we aim to keep siblings within the same House in order for parents and carers to have the Head of House as a single point of contact for pastoral matters. The Heads of House details are below:


Competition is at the heart of the House system and throughout the academic year there are a series of competitions involving all subject areas, culminating in the Varsity Trophy which is decided on Sports Day.

Each day we have ‘House Time’ for 30 minutes straight after lunch. Students are in vertical tutor groups during this time, during which our Key Stage 4 students act as role models and mentor the younger students in Key Stage 3, whilst completing activities such as discussions based on current stories in the news, our Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) time and PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education). Every Monday we have a full school assembly and each House has their own assembly once a week. In addition to this, Friday is competition day.