The overall aim of the House Curriculum is to develop Personal and Social skills within the cohort. The programme is designed to support the school values of being Ready to Learn, Respectful, Resourceful, Reflective, Resilient and Responsible (key links for each unit given). These themes are explored throughout the different topics and encourage students to develop these core values in themselves as well as seeing them in others. The programme runs on a 4-year cycle, ensuring students will access all elements of the curriculum during their time at Long Field. They should be able to develop links between all 4 years of study, as well as build upon the key guidelines given to Primary schools in the Department for Education guidelines. The DfE guidelines for Secondary Education on Relationships education, relationships and health education, along with other key global citizenship roles and British values, are integrated within the 4-year programme. Students work within vertical house groups in house time to specifically target understanding differences, healthy relationships, being safe, health and fitness, mental wellbeing, the law and global environmental and social issues. The whole programme builds in culture capital opportunities for students – exposing them to events, opinions and ideas they may not otherwise face. Overall, we hope that this programme not only helps to develop a positive ethos and culture within our school, but prepares students well for the challenges they may face after they leave us.

  • To access a detailed overview of the House Curriculum from Year 7 to 11 (and beyond) please click here.