Food & Nutrition

All pupils throughout Key Stage 3 study food and nutrition for 3 hours per week. Food preparation and nutrition incorporates health, hygiene and safety to allow pupils to acquire skills that enable them to cook and prepare food for themselves and others independently.

We want students to be well informed, to allow them to make the right choices about food, consider the past and current impact but also the future in terms of long-term health and nutrition. We want pupils to embrace the art of cooking, experiment and evaluate to create new and exciting flavours and be able to self-manage in order to execute the skills successfully.

  • To access a detailed overview of the Food & Nutrition Curriculum from Year 7 to 11 (and beyond) please click here.


At Key Stage 3 we use Personalised Learning Checklists. Please find below link to each year group:


At Key Stage 4 you will find the links below to the GCSE specification for our Food & Nutrition Qualifications: