All students study a range of texts across each year from Shakespeare, a 19 th /20 th century novel, poetry and modern prose. Each week, pupils complete a knowledge retrieval test and every two weeks they complete a spelling test. Students who arrive with a SATs score below 100 follow a programme of intervention to catch them up with their peers.

The magic of studying English is that it gives us a chance to escape from the real world and become immersed in captivating stories, while helping us to better understand the world around us. We want every single one of our pupils to be confident communicators who can grapple with the best and most brilliant ideas from literature.

  • To access a detailed overview of the English Curriculum from Year 7 to 11 (and beyond) please click here.


At Key Stage 3 we use Personalised Learning Checklists. Please find below link to each year group:


At Key Stage 4 you will find the links below to the GCSE specification for our English Qualifications: