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In line with the 2014 National Curriculum for Computing, our aim is to provide a high-quality computing education, which equips children to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world through digital means. Lessons in KS3 consist of one hour a week and, if taken as an option in KS4, raise to three hours per week. We recognise that our pupils’ lives, both socially and vocationally, will increasingly take place within a digital medium and therefore, this subject is seen as vital in developing a broad range of skills that will enable not only digital competence but also ensure an understanding of how to be a responsible online citizen. There are 5 main topic areas within the curriculum “Theme 1 – Architecture”, “Theme 2 – Networking”, “Theme 3 – Programming”, “Theme 4 – Data Representation”, “Theme 5 – Software Components”.

  • To access a detailed overview of the Computing Curriculum from Year 7 to 11 (and beyond) please click here.


At Key Stage 3 we use Personalised Learning Checklists. Please find below links to each year group:


At Key Stage 4 you will find the links below to the GCSE specification for our Computing Qualifications: